Aug 1, 2020 • 48M

Robotech Toys Roundtable with Toynami, Icon Heroes and Harmony Gold

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Inside the Hyper Room I welcome the president of Toynami George Sohn who has had the Robotech license for over 20 years and Pat Wang the president of Icon Heroes who just started his license with Robotech this year. Also joining us is Harmony Gold’s Robotech Master himself Tommy Yune who has been the Stewart of all things Robotech for the past 20 years and was the director on the Robotech Shadow Chronicles movie.

Both Toynami and Icon Heroes have product out this year and will talk about what they have planned and Tommy will talk about the new Robotech merchandise coming out this year as well as a little bit on the upcoming Robotech live-action movie coming from Sony Pictures.

So continuing our Robotech 35th Anniversary celebration lets suit up for a look at Robotech collectibles with Toynami, Icon Heroes and Harmony Gold inside The Hyper Room.

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