Jan 9, 2021 • 58M

Swinging Witchblades with Top Cow's Matt Hawkins

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The Hyper Room is a podcast series interviewing creatives, innovators and business people in the world of Pop Culture involved in all facets from comic books to action figures to video games and other forms of physical and digital media, The Hyper Room deep dives into the process and the business direct from the creators themselves. We don't discuss if Harry Potter can beat Superman - we discuss how that story could come together and how it would affect the world of Pop Culture.
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As a veteran of the initial Image Comics launch, Matt Hawkins started his career in comic book publishing in 1993 and has been working with Image as a creator, writer and executive for over 26 years. President/COO of Top Cow since 1998, Matt has created and written over 30 new franchises for Top Cow and Image.

We talk about Matt's career, how new comic creators can break in, the future of comics publishing, about his own projects postal, Think Tank, Swing, and Sunstone, and working for Rob Liefeld and Marc Silvestri.

So put away your Witchblades and join me and Top Cow’s Matt Hawkins inside The Hyper Room

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