Dec 12, 2020 • 1HR 5M

Spawning a Todd McFarlane Documentary with Mike Avila

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The Hyper Room is a podcast series interviewing creatives, innovators and business people in the world of Pop Culture involved in all facets from comic books to action figures to video games and other forms of physical and digital media, The Hyper Room deep dives into the process and the business direct from the creators themselves. We don't discuss if Harry Potter can beat Superman - we discuss how that story could come together and how it would affect the world of Pop Culture.
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Find out more about Todd McFarlane, the Image founders and comic book documentary filmmaking on this episode of The Hyper Room as I talk to Mike Avila, the producer behind the latest Todd McFarlane documentary LIKE HELL I WON’T, and host, writer, co-creator of SyFy Wire's "Behind the Panel" docu-series, where he interviews the legends of the comic book industry.

This is an amazing chat so let's just jump into it - here is Mike Avila inside The Hyper Room.

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