Spawning a Todd McFarlane Documentary with Mike Avila

Watching a TV interview with legendary Marvel Comics artist John Byrne, a young Todd McFarlane was inspired to get into comics because John Byrne, at the  time, drawing the number one comic in the world The Uncanny X-Men said on national TV that he lived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada – exactly where Todd was living as a teenager, thus setting the future comic book visionary on a journey that would change pop culture forever.

You’ll find out more about Todd McFarlane, the Image founders and comic book documentary filmmaking on this episode of The Hyper Room as I talk to Mike Avila the producer behind the latest Todd McFarlane documentary LIKE HELL I WON’T and host, writer, co-creator of SyFy Wires Behind the Panel docu-series, where he interviews the legends of the comic book industry.

This is an amazing chat so lets just jump into it – here is Mike Avila inside The Hyper Room.

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