Jun 28, 2020 • 30M

Rob Liefeld and The New Mutants

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Rob Liefeld burst on to the comic book scene with the power and intensity of the creators that influenced him. Liefeld visually re-introduces Hawk and Dove to a new generation in 1988 but defines a generation of comic book readers like myself when he starts drawing The New Mutants with writer Louise Simonson and taking it from near-cancellation to become the second biggest selling book at Marvel Comics of all time.

This is a look-back specifically at The New Mutants #86 and the subsequent issues leading to X-Force #1 and how it affected me and shook up the entire comic book industry and laid the groundwork for THE comic book publishing phenomenon of our time.

I look back at the explosion of Rob Liefeld’s The New Mutants and X-Force from 1989-1991 inside The Hyper Room.

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