Apr 11, 2018 • 31M

Andy Oddie - The Retail Art of Pop Culture from Doctor Who to Star Wars to Funko Pop Vinyl

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The Hyper Room is a podcast series interviewing creatives, innovators and business people in the world of Pop Culture involved in all facets from comic books to action figures to video games and other forms of physical and digital media, The Hyper Room deep dives into the process and the business direct from the creators themselves. We don't discuss if Harry Potter can beat Superman - we discuss how that story could come together and how it would affect the world of Pop Culture.
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This episode of The Hyper Room is with Andy Oddie – if you’ve ever wondered who was behind the Star Wars Lightsaber barbeque tongs or immortalizing the current Doctor Who series in plastic – you’re going to find out here.

For this episode, I wanted to showcase the business side of pop culture and invited Andy Oddie of Funko into The Hyper Room.

Andy has been licensing, manufacturing and creating pop culture merchandise for his entire career – starting with Forbidden Planet then launching Underground Toys and now being absorbed into the Funko worldwide domination machine.

Andy and I talk about the pop culture market, the trends, making Doctor Who toys, where the retail market is going and what is coming next for Funko. We recorded this inside his showroom at Toy Fair so I got a chance to see some of the new products, which are amazing and also the crazy feeling seeing how big the pop culture merchandise world has become.

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