The Rise and Fall of the 90s Comic Book Market

Authors of “American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1990s” – Keith Dallas and Jason Sacks join me inside The Hyper Room for a huge 2 HOUR podcast talk encompassing 10 years of comic book history as a companion piece alongside their incredible book published by TwoMorrows and available now.

The decade that brought you Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, Image Comics, Valiant Comics, Age of Apocalypse, Wizard Magazine, Hellboy, Sin City, and so, so much more is represented in this ultimate audio stroll down memory lane.

I hope I was able to convey the awesomeness of their book ” American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1990s” in this interview – I enjoyed talking to them and the insight they have, especially when this was recorded Diamond Comics had stopped distributing comics due to COVID-19 and DC decided to not re-sign exclusivity with Diamond, so a great chance to look back at the historic time of the 1990s and compare with 2020.

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