The Good, The Valiant and The Bad Ideas of Dinesh Shamdasani

Magnus Robot Fighter, X-O Manowar, Rai and the Future Force, Harbinger, Ninjak, Archer and Armstrong, Quantum and Woody.

These are some of the characters of the Valiant Universe, which also includes their biggest character – thanks to the Vin Diesel movie that came out this year: Bloodshot!

Dinesh Shamdasani’s Valiant Comics story is an amazing one so if you loved the original 1990s run of the comics and don’t know the story of what happened after Acclaim bought them, and how the Valiant line came back to life in the early 2010s thanks to two USC students – this is that incredible story!

We talk about the 13-year journey to getting Bloodshot – who was at one point going to be played by The Rock, to the silver screen, how Valiant 3.0 were able to have one of the most successful comic line launches in the 21st century and all about Dinesh’s new comic publishing venture BAD IDEA, and how his first comic back in the game “THE HERO TRADE” has already stirred up the comics market.

Join your host Casey Lau and Dinesh Shamdasani inside The Hyper Room.

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Show Notes

Dinesh Shamdasani on Twitter

Bad Idea

Bad Idea Comic Stores

The Hero Trade

Bad Idea 2021 Launch slate


Valiant Entertainment

Is Valiant The Next Superhero Universe?

DMG Entertainment

Bloodshot movie

Rian Hughes inside The Hyper Room

Jim Shooter’s Valiant

Gold Key Comics/Western Publishing


The Hyper Room

Bloodshot – buy it on Amazon.
X-O Manowar – buy it on Amazon
Harbinger – get it on Amazon
Valiant logos by Rian Hughes – taken from his book LOGO-A-GOGO
The Hero Trade (image via Bleeding Cool)
Slay Bells from Bad Idea
Tankers from Bad Idea

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