The Sick Little Monkeys Behind Ren and Stimpy with Thad Komorowski

If you asked me to name the most influential cartoons of all time Ren and Stimpy would definitely be somewhere at the top of that list.

Without Ren and Stimpy there would be no Spongebob Squarepants, Adventure Time or Rick and Morty.

The Nickelodeon cartoon about a mean dog and a dumb cat – was a landmark for modern animation with is gross-out humour, incredible animation and achieving pop culture superstar status the moment it debuted in 1991.

I welcome Thad Komorowski the author of Sick Little Monkeys: The Unauthorized Ren & Stimpy Story – a highly enjoyable deep dive into the creation and history of the much beloved or much execrated cartoon series, depending on who you ask.

I loved the book and encourage any animation fan to read it and listen to Thad talk about some of the key stories from it on this podcast. The story of Ren and Stimpy is almost crazier than the show itself — almost.

So, join me and author Thad Komorowski inside The Hyper Room.

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Show notes:

The Book: Sick Little Monkeys: The Unauthorized Ren & Stimpy Story by Thad Komorowski

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