The Artistic Multiverse of Marvel Studios’ Andy Park

Andy Park started off drawing for Image Comics founder Rob Liefeld at the age of 18, then took Lara Croft: Tomb Raider the #1 selling video game to become the #1 selling comic book  in 1999 for Top Cow, before going on to illustrate Marvel’s mutant line of comics with Weapon X, Excalibur and then to the dream title of many a comic book artist: The Uncanny X-Men working alongside the legendary Chris Claremont.

But for Andy, it was going to the ArtCenter College of Design that gave him new tools to bring his imagination to life, leading him to the world of a new art vocation known as the “concept artist” – first at Sony on the God of War video game franchise to the role he has now as visual development director for Marvel Studios.

Going from landmark comics, to iconic video games, to the biggest movie of all time with Avengers Endgame, Andy Park has had an incredibly exciting career and on this episode of The Hyper Room we take a look at how it all started from chasing down Rob Liefeld across Southern California for an internship, to today: helping devise the look and feel of the hit Disney+ show WandaVision, and upcoming films Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings and Thor: Love and Thunder.

So put down that book you’re reading on Chaos Magic and join me and Andy Park inside The Hyper Room.

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Show Notes

Andy Park at

Andy Park on Instagram

Andy Park on Twitter

Andy Park on YouTube

Andy Park on ArtStation

Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame – The Art of the Movie

Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok – The Art of the Movie

Marvel’s WandaVision: The Art of the Series

Iron Man #200

Brutes and Babes

Rob Liefeld

Extreme Studios

Pat Lee inside The Hyper Room

The Hyper Room presents 90s comic book market podcast

Matt Hawkins inside The Hyper Room

Concept Artist

Justin Sweet

God of War: Sisters of fate

God of War: Poseidon

Ryan Meinerding

Phil Saunders

Adi Granov’s Iron Man concept art

Marvel Studios

Andy’s digital toolbox:

Selection of artwork discussed on the podcast:

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