From Toxic Avenger to Street Fighter: The Pop Culture Shocking Life of Jerry Macaluso

On this episode of the Hyper Room, I welcome one of the legends of modern action figure sculpting and toy design: Jerry Macaluso – he started three of the most iconic US collectibles companies in history:  Plastic Fantasy, SOTA Toys, and Pop Culture Shock.

Together Jerry and I will take you behind the scenes of his career starting in special effects on movies like The Toxic Avenger to teaming up with Jenna Jameson on a line of adult film star action figures then surprising the market and his peers with an incredible line of Street Fighter action Figures and then taking the high-end statue market to new detailed heights with Mortal Kombat and Masters of the Universe.

Jerry has worked on brands like Duke Nukem, Crash Bandicoot, Tomb raider, Chronicles of Riddick, and his Now Playing series where he brought the monsters from Legend, Land of the Dead, Pumpkinhead, The Thing and even Killer Klowns from Outer Space into action figure form –

This is an amazingly detailed behind the scenes look at the action figure market in the late 90s and early 2000s – this was an amazing conversation especially for fans of Jerry’s work and want to know how he started and became one of the most celebrated sculptors of our time.

This conversation deep-dives into just the beginning of an amazing career – so strap yourselves in and join me and Jerry Macaluso inside The Hyper Room:

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Show Notes

Toxic Avenger

Plastic Fantasy

Jenna Jameson on Wikipedia


Street Fighter checklist

Now Playing checklist

Sideshow Collectibles

Pop Culture Shock

Randy Bowen

Prime 1


News archive on Jerry via Action Figure Insider

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