Sculpting a Cauldron of Dark Knights with Jonathan Matthews

I am a huge collector and admirer of action figures and statues of characters I love – one of my most beloved pieces is the DC Direct Mike Migola Batman Black and White statue released in 2006.

On this episode I chat to Jonathan Matthews who sculpted that statue, from just a front view image of Batman by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and turned it into a masterpiece. Jonathan has also sculpted a ton of the best DC Direct action figures and statues over the past 15 years, so I wanted to learn more on his process and how he works to turn our favorite comic book superheroes and supervillains into three-dimensional plastic and resin works of art. 

Find out how the worlds of Batman, Superman and Harley Quinn collide with the worlds of wax, silicone and Zbrush with Sculptor Supreme Jonathan Matthews inside The Hyper Room.

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Show Notes

Jonathan Matthews on Behance

DC Direct

Jonathan Matthews DC Direct Checklist

Pixologic ZBrush

Takayuki Takeya

Spiderzero – Simon Lee

Shiflett Bros.

figma Devilman: Takayuki Takeya version

The color 12″ version of the Jonathan Matthews Mike Mignola Batman
The Mike Mignola original artwork that inspired the sculpture.
Jonathan Matthew’s interprets the iconic Todd McFarlane cover.
Todd McFarlane cover to Batman #423
Jonathan Matthew interprets another piece of Mike Mignola artwork.
Mike Mignola’s Gotham by Gaslight Batman design
Jonathan Matthew’s interprets the iconic Frank Miller cover.
Frank Miller’s artwork to the cover of The Dark Knight Returns #2
DC Direct Jae Lee Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman action figures.
Batman/Superman cover art by Jae Lee
DC Direct New Gods action figures: Orion and Darkseid
New Gods artwork by The King: Jack Kirby

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