Gaming with the Master of GI Joe, Transformers and Inhumanoids: Flint Dille

“The Gamesmaster”

“Eau De Cobra”

“Skeletons in the Closet”

“Prime Target”

“Five Faces of Darkness Parts 1-5”

“Transformers: The Movie”

It is my Cybertronian honor to have legendary Storyteller Flint Dille on the podcast.

If you grew up watching GI Joe, Transformers, Inhumanoid, Visionaries or was traumatized by Transformers the movie then you know who Flint Dille is. He created and wrote so much of what came out of Sunbow Animation in the 1980s and what has influenced so much in pop culture over 30 year later. 

The name of his autobiography The Gamesmaster – is also the title of one his most beloved GI Joe episodes – the book a is a behind the scenes story of a young film grad who ends up working with creative greats like the co-creator of Captain America and the Fantastic Four Jack Kirby, and Gary Gygax creator of Dungeons and Dragons and being responsible himself for killing Optimus Prime and bringing D-Compose and the other Inhumanoids to scare little kids everywhere. This guy has definitely scarred as many as he inspired but I am so thrilled to have a chance to talk to him and this interview will stand as one of my favorites because the name Flint Dille is synonymous with the fun and adventure I had after school every day as a kid growing up in the 80s. 

So without further ado join me and Flint Dille inside The Hyper Room:

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One comment on “Gaming with the Master of GI Joe, Transformers and Inhumanoids: Flint Dille

  • Jay Kalagayan , Direct link to comment

    Fav quote: “The big successes have grown out of the wreckage of something that didn’t work.” -Flint Dille

    Good interview. Such insight into my nostalgic childhood favs. Loved how you talked through Inhumanoids and Visionaries. They have their problems but introduced some interesting concepts. Oh and I didn’t know Visionaries toys were cancelled before the cartoons came out!

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